Aries-11As part of the Aries commitment to quality and freshness, sausages and hot dogs are made from their own fresh, whole muscle trimmings.

Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:

  • San Francisco Beef Franks: 8″ 4/1, 6″ 8/1, 6″ 5/1

Flocchini_Logo_Tagline_RGBAll lightly smoked and fully cooked, you won’t find a better quality Hot Dog. We use only the finest premium cuts of pork and beef, never any fillers, chicken or turkey, or by-products. Other hot dogs have a mushy texture. Ours always has a firm bite, full of flavor.

Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:

  • Skinless Franks in 6, 7 and 8 inch lengths
  • All Beef Brisket Dogs in 6 or 12 inch
  • Garlic Frank
  • Old Fashioned in 7 or 8 inch

DR Gold Box-01For franks you can be sure were raised sustainably and naturally, look no further than Durham Ranch. Our Bison and Wagyu franks are from small family farms and processed under direct supervision to assure quality. We put our trust in a local sausage maker to create our nitrate-free, gourmet Durham Ranch franks using an old Italian family recipe.

Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:

  • Bison Franks: 6″ 5/1
  • Wagyu Franks: 12″ 2/1

logoFalls Brand hot dogs have been made with the same recipe for generations. They are so good that customers often ask, “What is the secret ingredient?”

Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:

  • All Meat Skinless Frank’s: 6″ 4/1, 6″ 6/1

State-NationalNew York State National Brand® 100% Beef Franks are juicy and flavorful, with a taste that will bring you back to childhood memories of backyard barbeques and New York City visits.