About Us

On September 14, 2018, Armand Agra Inc. (“Armand Agra”) successfully acquired MacDonald Meat Company, LLC. (“Mac Meat”), a leading processor and distributor of high quality meat products. Founded in 1933, Mac Meat has built a 85+ years reputation on providing quality meat products and exceptional service in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and as an exporter across the Pacific Rim.

We are proud to be a part of the Armand Agra family of companies!

Why has MacDonald Meat Company grown and flourished?

What sets MacDonald Meat Company apart from other meat suppliers?

Custom Processing
MacDonald Meat Company supplies our customers with unique, custom processed beef, pork, lamb and veal.  Our custom process can include anything from sizing sub primal cuts to cutting portion controlled steaks, chops and roasts.  We often produce products that are outside the common standard offered by other suppliers.  Custom processing can mean anything from providing special trim, specially aged beef (we both wet and dry age beef) and high marbling requirements to name a few.  Because we produce every order to order, we can work with our customers to create items that are unique, often one of a kind, for their food service menus.

Custom Packaging
MacDonald Meat Company offers several different styles of packaging to meet the needs of both our domestic and international customers.   Because we produce to order, we have the ability to change and adjust our packaging to satisfy the ever changing requirements of our customers.

Quality Products
MacDonald Meat Company supplies all our customers with high quality beef, pork, lamb and veal.  These rich, highly marbled cuts are properly aged to ensure an exceptional eating experience.  We are able to satisfy those who expect the highest standards of quality along with exceptional service.

These Points of Difference are why MacDonald Meat Company has grown and flourished.  We have the knowledge, the experience and the expertise to provide you, our customer, with the very best.