Serving the Greater Seattle Area and all of Western Washington, from the Canadian Border to the Oregon Border

For over 75 years, MacDonald Meat Company has been a supplier of high quality meat products to the wholesale food service industry, servicing the finest restaurants, hotels and specialty food operations in Western Washington. Each and every customer is unique, they all have special needs and those needs are important to us. In order to meet the special needs of our customers we hand cut all products to order, we do not just pull product off a shelf in a warehouse. Since we hand cut each order we are able to do custom cuts, custom portion control and custom packaging. Also because we package each order individually, we have the ability to adjust the pack size as needed. For example, steaks being used on a daily basis as regular menu items can be packaged as 1 or 2 per, but steaks cut for a special party or banquet can be bulk packaged to make handling easier for your staff. We assemble each order by hand so have the ability to do custom sizing on primal and sub-primal products. We offer both wet and dry aged beef, and other specialty meats as well.


MacDonald Meat Company offers products from suppliers that focus on sustainable agricultural practices, companies like Painted Hills Natural Beef, Seaboard Pork, Te Mana Lamb, Provimi Foods and Draper Valley Farms Poultry.