Food Safety

MacDonald Meat Co. is a leader in food safety.

At MacDonald Meat Company, we operate under strict inspection and quality assurance. Cleanliness and quality assurance are of the utmost importance to us. Our Food Safety Programs include:

  • Strict requirements and high expectations for our suppliers of raw materials.
  • Employee training in HACCP, GMPs and food safety.
  • Continuous microbiological testing of products and ATP testing of product surfaces to ensure the safety of our products to our customers.
  • We conduct comprehensive audits by 3rd party auditors that are leaders in international food safety

Under USDA inspection, establishment #1557, we operate in accordance with the following USDA programs:

  • TQC (Total Quality Control Program) since 1987
  • SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures) since 1999
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) since 2000
  • Beef Export Verification Program – since 2004
  • Food Defense Plan – since 2009
  • Certified Organic Facility
  • NSF Supplier Assured