MacDonald Meat Chicken is processed and packed in west coast USA.  The chicken is USA sourced – from local family farmers who pride themselves in raising healthier and better tasting chicken.  Farms are all Certified Humane and take pride in custom growing birds with the utmost care and attention to details.  Chickens are vegetarian-fed, grown, with a low carbon footprint from farm to processing.  MacDonald Meat Chicken come in a variety of custom cuts that are hand sorted and trimmed by highly skilled butchers.



Norbest® is a federated marketing cooperative dealing exclusively with turkeys and value-added turkey products. It is the oldest cooperative organization of its type in the world, and is one of the top turkey marketing firms in the United States.

Norbest’s cooperative members include turkey producer/processor cooperatives in the states of Utah and Nebraska, consisting of approximately 41 independent turkey growers.












Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:


  • Bones
  • Breasts, Airline, Boneless, Skinless, Double, BoneIn Split, Skin On
  • Drumettes
  • Feet
  • Fryers, Truss Tied
  • Gizzards
  • Head
  • Leg
  • Liver
  • Quartered
  • Skin
  • Thighs, Boneless Skinless, BoneIn
  • Wings, 2 Joint
  • WOG


  • Breast, Boneless, BoneIn,
  • Dark Meat
  • Drum Sticks
  • Ground
  • Hearts
  • Hen Necks
  • Liver
  • Tails Tray Pack
  • Tom Necks
  • Thigh Meat
  • Wing, 2 Joint, Smoked
  • Whole