Natural Pork

Sustainable family farm partnerships produce Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork products that will tantalize and excite your taste buds! The family farm partners have generations of farming and livestock experience. Their entrepreneurial spirit combined with the commitment to the land and livestock they cherish will guarantee your enjoyment of Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork!

Products available from MacDonald Meat Co:

Shoulder Butt

  • Butt – BoneIn

Picnic Shoulder

  • Shank


  • Bone Rack Center Cut No Chine
  • Center Cut Loin
  • Loin – Boneless Top Loin
  • Pork Loin 4 Bone-In Rack
  • Rib Shoulder Racks
  • Tenderloin


  • Belly with Rib Meat Left in


  • Ham Roast
  • Ham Whole Bone-In