MacDonald Meat joins Armand Agra family

Seattle, Washington – On September 14, 2018, Armand Agra Inc. (“Armand Agra”)
successfully acquired MacDonald Meat Company, LLC. (“Mac Meat”), a leading processor
and distributor of high quality meat products. Founded in 1933, Mac Meat has built a
75+ years reputation on providing quality meat products and exceptional service in the U.S.
Pacific Northwest and as an exporter across the Pacific Rim. Read more –>

Flocchini Family Provisions in the News…

If you had to be a sausage — and who has not pondered this cosmic culinary question? — you could do far, far worse than be a sausage from Flocchini Family Provisions in Carson City.

Say you were a pork sausage like andouille or Italian: You’d be made using jowl or shoulder, not trim. Or say you were a frankfurter: You’d be crafted with pork or beef and without fillers, creating that pleasurable bite.  Read on…