Meet the Flocchini Family

Who We Are

We are a third generation family business operating five distinct businesses:

1. Meat and seafood distributor to hotels, restaurants and Institutions in the greater Reno/Tahoe area Learn More

2. Private label manufacturer of portion control meat & seafood Learn More

3. Specialty and exotic manufacturer and nationwide distributor Learn More

4. Ranchers, specializing in bison on our 55,000 acre bison ranch in Wyoming. Learn More

5. Manufacturers and purveyors of finely handcrafted, specialty sausages and deli meats. Visit


The Beginning.

durham meatIt began in 1934 when Grandfather Armando Flocchini Sr purchased the company he had been working for (founded in 1890) and brought his sons into the business.

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Establishing a Name in Specialty Meat.

venisonSierra Meat Company was one of the first to begin importing farm raised venison from New Zealand. This quickly grew into a Specialty & Exotic Division of the company, which dominates the specialty game meat industry nationwide.

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Shifting Inland and Adding Fish.

From our Family to Your Kitchen Est. 1948 a Third Generation Family BusinessThe move to Reno Nevada allowed for the custom construction of our state of the art facilities with room to grow. Adding seafood quickly became a passion while both our local and national distribution continued to expand quickly.

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sierra-kitchen-logo2015 and Beyond.

Now in its 3rd generation leadership, Sierra Meat & Seafood is focused on growth. We have expanded our reach into the Wagyu cattle industry and have brought a 3rd generation sausage making family business into the fold.

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Our Family

Chris Flocchini, President and CEO
Leadership is a natural direction for Chris. He takes the business and the relationships very seriously. Honesty and Integrity are an important part of his DNA.

Bernadette Flocchini, Executive Vice President
Focusing on growing the Specialty and Exotic Meat Division with her father has become a lifelong passion. With experience in every aspect of the industry, Bernadette is a driving force behind the company’s growth and success.

John Flocchini, Durham Ranch Manager
Having grown up on the ranch, John’s passion is in perfecting the bison experience, from sustainable and holistic ranching practices to perfecting the optimum taste when served in four-star restaurants.

Bud Flocchini Jr. has been in the family business for six decades or so
He is currently passing the leadership baton to his very capable sons, Chris and Steve. Bud’s life has been fully immersed in the meat industry, including serving on the board of directors as president and chairman for Pacific Meat Jobbers Association, Western States Meat Packers Association, National Bison Association and currently as the Chairman of the Board of our parent company, Armand Agra.

Rich Flocchini, a lifetime in the meat business
Also phasing out of a leadership role, Rich is turning the keys to the store over to his talented and experienced children, Bernadette, Rick & Patrick. His pioneering work in the Specialty and Exotic Meat industry is a legacy to be proud of, one that has shown exponential growth during his tenure and continues to push the company into new directions.

Stephen J. Flocchini, Durham Ranch Brand Manager
The trained chef of the family, Steve applies his culinary expertise as the Durham Ranch Brand Manager. His eye for excellence is key to drive the Durham Ranch Brand of Specialty Meats into the future.

Patrick Flocchini, Transportation & Warehouse Manager
Business happens when goods exchange hands. Patrick’s keen organizational and logistics focus keeps our shelves stocked, trucks moving and the best protein in the business headed straight to you.

Rick Flocchini, Production and Manufacturing Manager
A butcher by trade, and a manager by experience, Rick runs a spotless & skilled production department where the meat of our business is born (pun intended!).

Stephen Junichi Flocchini 4th generation family with a logistics focus
Making his mark and stretching his wings, Steve J. is learning the business and finding where his skills are best suited. Organized. Focused. Strategic. Words that all fit the master behind the logistics machine.

Raquel Ferrari, 4th generation family and telling the story
Raised with a love of good food and cooking, being drawn to the food industry was a natural fit. Working with the marketing team has been a terrific way to utilize her strengths in the family business and support growth as the next generation begins to push the company’s success into the future.